JWA Classic Soft Auctions

Make an offer

Time to make an offer

As a knowledgeable collector, you have collected the information you wanted

and you already have an idea of how much you would like to spend.

From now on, you have the choice between two attitudes:

start talking price with the seller or remain in a waiting posture.

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An offer before the auction, why that?

Because it is in the buyer’s interest to try to “win” the sale even before the auction opens and to finalise the sale by private treaty.

During the presentation period, making an offer may allow the sale to be concluded without any costs and avoiding overbids.

At the end of the auction, having submitted an offer entitles the buyer to a 5% discount on the hammer price, if his offer was the highest at the end of the presentation period.

Below is an illustration of the two different scenarii possible, wether the car is sold during the presentation period or during the private online auction.


The offer is accepted and the sale is concluded by mutual agreement without any costs

In this case, the car is sold at the price chosen by the buyer.

No costs for the buyer.

Note: the 1% of the sale donated to the ICM in support of medical research will then be covered by JWA Classic


– Mr Smith makes a purchase offer of €100,000 and this is accepted

– Final sum paid by Mr Smith to JWA Classic: €100,000

– Amount paid to ICM by JWA Classic: €1,000


A 5% discount on the hammer price for the one who made the best offer during the preview period

1% buyer’s fee, donated to medical research

If the winner of the private auction is also the author of the highest offer during the presentation period, he/she will receive a 5% discount on the hammer price.

The best bid received will be used as the base price for the private online auction.

Buyer’s fee: 1% of the hammer price, which will be donated in full to the ICM in support of medical research. This amount will be matched by JWA Classic to double the donation.


– Mr Smith makes an offer to purchase at €80,000 during the presentation period. This offer is the highest of all the offers received, but it is not accepted.

– The car is then put up for auction with a starting price of €80,000, corresponding to the highest bid received.

– Mr Smith wins the auction at €100,000

– Final sum paid by Mr Smith = €96,000

The calculation is as follows:

Hammer price

Discount for making the best offer

Fees donated for medical research

Final price paid by Mr Smith


-€5,000 (€100,000*5%)

+€1,000 (€100,000*1%)


Some of you will have noted, in the previous examples, that if Mr Smith confirms his bid of €80,000 for the auction but there is no higher bid, the final sum he will have to pay for the car will be €76,800, i.e. less than his initial bid…

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How to formalise your offer?

The offer is made in writing with the dedicated form below which you must print, sign and return by email to Anne-Cecile at ac.rouviere@jwaclassic.com.

Your offer must be superior to the best offer already registered on the site.

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And next?

We will reply as soon as possible (within 24 to 48 hours).

If your offer is accepted, a private sale contract is concluded and the Soft Auctions is terminated.

The end of the sale is published on the JWA Classic website but all other information (price, identity of the buyer, conditions of the sale, etc.) remains confidential.

If your offer is not accepted, you may reformulate another one, as long as it is communicated to us before the end of the presentation period.

And if no offer is accepted, the car will be auctioned. If your bid was the highest at the end of the presentation period, this will entitle you to a 5% discount on the hammer price if you win the auction as described above.

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If you have any question, please take contact with Anne-Cécile (ac.rouviere@jwaclassic.com).

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