Frequently asked questions

Find out information about a vehicle

When can I get information about the vehicle?

We can answer you at any time for each car displayed on our site.

Is it possible to see the car and test it?

Yes, at least for the duration of the preview period. The car will be ready for presentation from the date indicated on the picture.

Is it possible to get specific pictures of some details of the car?

Yes, for pictures and videos, we will do our best according to your request.

What is the price?

Probably the most frequent question we get.

Buying or selling at the right price is a question that every classic car collector has to face one day.
Soft Auctions have been designed to engage in a dialogue with several knowledgeable collectors in order to determine a balanced and objectively discussed price based on the condition of the vehicle and the market at the time of sale.

For this purpose, we provide you with detailed information on each car (history, restoration, current state, pictures and videos as well as independent expert report).

Of course, our preference is to receive you in our workshop. If you travel by train or plane, we will be happy to pick you up at the station or airport.

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Making an offer

When can I make an offer?

At any moment until the end of the preview period.

How to make an offer?

You can find here the form and details on how to make an offer.

All you have to do is complete the form, sign it and send it back by email directly to Anne-Cécile at

Can I make several offers?

Yes as long as there is a sufficient difference with the previous offer.

I made an offer, what is the next step?

The owner will give you a quick answer, within 24h to 48h.

Your offer is accepted: congratulations, the car is yours! A private contract of sale will be established and the Soft Auction will be closed. Payment will be made by bank transfer.

Your offer is not accepted: the Soft Auction keeps running.

Nevertheless, if at the end of the presentation period you offer happens to have been the best, it will give you a 5% discount on hammer price should you win the private online auction.

How can I follow current offers?

The best offer is displayed on our website. If you have already placed an offer, but it has not been accepted, we’ll keep you informed every time a new offer is confirmed.

If you have not placed an offer, you can ask Anne-Cécile by email ( to follow a Soft Auction. We’ll send you an email each time a new offer is placed.

Can the sale finish before the online auction?

Yes, if the owner accepts an offer before the end of the preview period. If not, the car will be auctioned.

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Private Online Auction process

How to register?

You can register directly register to the auction here.

If we already know each other, give us a call, we’ll proceed to the registration for you.

Once the presentation period is over, you will receive a login and a password to participate to the online private auction.

When does the private online auction start?

The online private auction will start two days after the closing of the presentation period.

For the Aston Martin International: opens at 09:00 (UTC+2 – Paris time) on 2021, Sept. 30th (Thursday).

When does the auction end?

On the evening of the third day, Saturday at 21:00 (UTC + 2 – Paris time).

For the Aston Martin International: auction ends on Oct. 2nd, at 21h00 (UTC+2 – Paris time).

What is the minimum bid increment?

The minimum bid increment is set at €1,000.

Is the closing time extended if a bid is submitted at the last minute?

Yes, if a bid is placed in the last two minutes, the closing time is delayed by two minutes.

How is the opening bid set up?

The opening bid will be set according to the best offer received at the end of the preview period.


Best offer = €100,000

Opening bid = €100,000

When do we know the amount of the opening bid?

Information about the best offer is refreshed on the website each time a new offer is received.

Final amount for the opening bid will be set once the presentation period is over. We will inform all participants directly by email within hours after the end of the presentation period.

What is the total price paid by the highest bidder?

1% buyer’s fee will be applied on hammer price to be donated to support medical research. JWA Classic will match this amount to double the donation. See all details here.

Special case : if the highest bidder is also the one who had made the highest offer during the presentation phase, a 5% discount will be granted on hammer price.


– Mr Smith makes an offer to purchase at €80,000 during the presentation period. This offer is the highest of all the offers received, but it is not accepted.

– The car is then put up for auction with a starting price of €80,000, corresponding to the highest bid received.

– Mr Smith wins the auction at €100,000

– Final sum paid by Mr Smith = €96,000 

The calculation is as follows:

Hammer price€100,000
Discount for making the best offer-€5,000 (€100,000*5%)
Fees donated for medical research+€1,000 (€100,000*1%)
Final sum paid by Mr Smith€96,000

What happens if there is no bid?

The car is sold to the person who made the best offer as described before. The buyer benefits from the 5% discount and the buyer’s fee donated to support medical research apply in that case.

I won the auction, what are the next steps?

First of all, congratulations.

The owner will get back to you once you have won the auction. A private contract of sale will be established between the winner and the owner. Payment will be made by bank transfer.

The car will remain at our workshop until paper work is over.

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