Soft Auctions

How it works

Objective: the right price …and if possible no auctions

The headache of the right price

Buying or selling at the right price is a question that every classic car collector has to face one day.

Let us first attempt a definition of “fair price”: it is the price which, at the time of the transaction and beyond, equally satisfies the buyer and the seller.

Between the cost price on the seller’s side and the limits set by the buyer, we believe that a dialogue must be established.

Moreover, as all enthusiasts know, a classic car is not a piece of art like any other: you need to see, touch, try out and talk to its owner.

This is the main objective of Soft Auctions: to engage in a dialogue in front of the vehicle, with the owner and with full knowledge of the facts.

Soft Auctions are aimed at discerning collectors willing to pay a consensual price for a collector’s item of which they will have taken the measure of all the characteristics.

…and if possible no auctions!

The purpose of the auction phase is simply to set an end date for the sale period so that it is known in advance that it is limited in time. At the same time, it is an objective way of settling the price debate.

It is therefore only if no agreement is reached during the presentation period that the auction will take place. This situation will be all the more unlikely if the number of visits has been high.

And this is an opportunity to remind you of our advice: come and see us!

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A sale in two phases…or not

Each Soft Auction can take place in two phases:


a presentation period

during which it is possible to examine the car, to enter into direct contact with the owner and also to conclude an agreement without delay.


online private auctions

only if no agreement has been reached during the submission period.

The stated aim of the Soft Auctions is to reach a private agreement during the presentation period. Auctions will only be held if the bids are considered insufficient.

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Presentation period

The principle of Soft Auctions is to give the buyer sufficient time to appreciate the condition of the car. This is the reason for the presentation period.

This is the best time to conclude the sale without costs and avoiding overbidding.

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Get information and exchange

Documents, photos, videos and an independent expert report will be made available.

We welcome you to come and see the vehicle and test drive it.

The sharing of experiences and exchanges with the owner that can take place at this time is an important part of the decision, before talking about money.

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Make an offer

It is possible to make an offer to buy without waiting for the auction.

In addition, for the participant who formulates the best offer during the presentation period, a 5% discount will be granted if he/she wins the auction. A sort of “bonus” for having dared to make the best offer.

See how to make an offer

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Register for private auctions

Registration for the private auctions is open until the end of the presentation period.

See how to register

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Private online auctions

The end of the presentation period came, but no bids were accepted. The car is then put up for sale in a private online auction.

Reminder: only participants registered during the presentation period can participate in the auction. See how to register.

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Opening bid

The best bid received during the submission period will be used to set the starting price for the auction.

The definitive starting price will be published at the end of the submission period.

If the participant with the highest bid wins the auction, a 5% discount on the hammer price will be granted. A sort of “bonus” for having dared to make the highest bid.

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No reserve price

There is no reserve price.

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1% buyer’s fee, donated to medical research

These costs will be matched by JWA Classic who will also donate the same amount to the Paris Brain Institute.

See details here

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Make an offer or wait for the auction?

You are a well-informed collector, you have gathered the information you want and you already have an idea of what you would like to spend on it.

From here, you have the choice between two attitudes:

start talking price with the seller or remain in a waiting posture.

It may be tempting to wait for the auction, hoping to minimise the bid. However, you run the risk of missing the sale, as the car could be sold at any time, or the risk of entering the bidding game.

The clearly stated objective of Soft Auctions is to conclude the sale by mutual agreement, between collectors, during the presentation period, in order to find the fairest deal possible for both parties.

See here why making an offer during the presentation period

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Transparency and discretion

The best offer received is published in real time on our site throughout the presentation period, while guaranteeing the discretion of the author. Only formalised offers are published.

To be notified by email of new offers received during the presentation period, send an email to specifying the car you are interested in.

An diagram is also published to give an indication of the progress of discussions, and therefore the likelihood of the car being sold before the auction. This is a purely subjective indicator, based on contacts made, visits and discussions in progress.

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Supporting medical research with the Paris Brain Institute

JWA Classic has decided to support medical research and the Paris Brain Institute for its first Soft Auction campaign.

In practice, at least 1% of each sale will be donated by JWA Classic to the Paris Brain Institute.

If the car is sold during the presentation period, JWA Classic will donate 1% of the sale to the Paris Brain Institute. The buyer will be invited to do the same, at his discretion.

If the car is sold during the auction, a fee of 1% will be charged to the buyer on the hammer price and will be donated in full to the Paris Brain Institute. In this case, JWA Classic will match the donation with an equivalent amount to double the donation.

Everything is detailed in the article below:

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